What is

SellAtWork is like Craigslist but only for employees of reputed companies. Every legitimate buyer and seller on any classifieds site wants their transaction to be safe, secure and hassle free. We aim to facilitate that by creating a marketplace of trusted buyers and sellers. Our model is based on the theory that people are likely to trust and feel comfortable transacting with their co-workers or peers from nearby/reputed companies as opposed to some random stranger on Craigslist.

How is different from most other classifieds including Craigslist, OLX, Oodle, etc?

At, only users who are registered with their work email id are allowed to post ads or contact sellers. This model is very different from most other classifieds websites where anyone with any email id can join. SellAtWork is a marketplace of buyers and sellers from reputed companies and leads to transaction that are convenient, safe, and secure. Our tag line is "SAFER than Craigslist" and we hope all our users agree with us.

Do I need to register with my work email address?

1. When any user registers on our website with their work email address (example:, we send a verification email to that address. When the user clicks on the verification link, we know that Joe works at Microsoft and has registered with a valid email address.

2. Employees can also post their ads on by emailing the listing to from their work email or their registered email ids.

Is there a mailing list where I can get alerts?

To join the mailing list for San Francisco Bay Area - Click here

What will you do with my work email id?

We do not need your work email id beyond the verification phase and users are encouraged to change it to their personal email id once their account is verified.

What information is revealed to others when I post an Ad?

Information posted by you as part of the Ad for what you are selling, along with the name of the company you work for will be visible publicly. We do not collect any additional other personal information such as name, address, etc nor do we share the sellers email address with the buyer.

I have been scammed before on Craigslist? How do you ensure a scammer can't join

Without a valid email id from one of our white listed companies, a scammer or a spammer will not be able to even register on our site. If any user violates our policies then we blacklist that user and multiple instances of policy violation from the same company will blacklist their whole domain.

I have more questions.

Email us at support @